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Research into Teacher-Librarianship

What research has been conducted about teacher-librarianship?

Does having a teacher-librarian make a difference to a school and its students?

This page examines research studies which focus on the effects of librarianship in schools in an attempt to answer the question: When school boards are needing to make the most of limited resources, are teacher-librarians worth having?

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"Regardless of how rich or poor a community is, students tend to perform better on reading tests where and when their library programs are in the hands of endorsed librarians. Having a certified, highly qualified professional has repeatedly correlated to increased student achievement in decades of studies of both quantitative and qualitative measures (Kachel, 2011). Furthermore, at schools where library programs gain or maintain an endorsed librarian when school budgets get tight, students tend to excel. At schools where library programs lose or never had an endorsed librarian, students suffer as a result (Lance & Hofschire, 2012)."

Lance and Hofschire "Students scored at the advanced level in 45% of the schools that retained qualified librarians and 49% where schools added qualified librarians (2012). By contrast, only 33% of schools that lost librarians had students who performed at advanced levels and only 29% where schools never had certified librarian staffing."

"By using the campus librarian’s expertise in technology and teaching, school administrators and teachers can bump up student achievement levels on standardized tests (Hartzell, 2002; Lance, 2001; Lance, 2002). Librarians can open the largest classroom in the building for 24-hour student access. He or she also can provide resources for any and all lessons, including Common Core needs, and the librarian can be a go-to person for professional development. Learning today is information-fueled. Librarians are great filling stations to provide that fuel to students, teachers, and the entire campus. Librarians instruct information consumers to evaluate and apply information in ethical ways to build knowledge. The resources that supply the information are managed, explained, and made accessible by librarians who apply instructional strategies for effective learning. Without a librarian, the fuel might just dry up. "

The biggest classroom in the building 
Tricia Kuon, Juanita Flores, and Janie Pickett
March 30, 2014


Why school librarians matter: What years of research tell us
Keith Curry Lance and Debra E. Kachel
March 26, 2018

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