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More About Me:

Hi. I'm Shannon.

I don't know everything ...

and that's good! 

This website is my attempt to synthesise my masters research

- as well as provide a place for my continued learning -

about teacher-librarianship and education.

May it be of use to others as well!


Recognising that I don't know it all frees me to ask questions.


Not knowing - but wanting to know, 

and having the courage to seek the answer - 

leads to learning.

(And it can really help having quality resources

and enthusiastic support in the process!)


Yes. I am a learning teacher-librarian

Past, Present, and into the Future 
The development of the role of teacher-librarian
Look at the Research:
Do Teacher-Librarians Make a Difference?
Research into the role of teacher-librarian

What are teacher-librarians?

And why do they matter?

Teacher-Librarians as Learning Leaders:
Beyond the Library
Supporting learning and learners
Casual Business Meeting
Computer Learning
Teens & Library

Technology in


Web 2.0 Tools

for​ Teaching

What are they?



How can it be avoided?



How is it beneficial?

Building Your

Online PLN

Ed Tech Online


​Support and Inspiration. Any Time

What is FREE and worthwhile?

How can it be advantageous?



Resources for Teacher-Librarians

Child Reading in the Grass

Research about Reading

Read More
Mom Reading a Book to her Daughter



Read More
Digital Mind



Students During Break



Preschool Teacher and Students



Pile of Newspapers

Source Evaluation


Upward Curve

Standards for

​School Libraries

Contract Review

Policies for

​School Libraries

Boy in Library

Library Collection





Legal Research and Writing



Business Woman Typing

Researching in

​Field of Education

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