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Researchers in School Librarianship


This page provides a list of outstanding researchers in the field of teacher-librarianship, and highlights one researcher in detail. 


Marlene Asselin, Canada

Jennifer Branch-Mueller, Canada

Maria Cahill, USA

Joanne Rodger de Groot, Canada

Gail Dickinson, USA

Ray Doiron, Canada

Nancy Everhart, USA

Ann Ewbank-Dutton, USA

Kasey Garrison, USA/Australia

Karen Gavigan, USA

Carol Ann Gordon, USA

Violet H. Harada, USA

S. Meghan Harper, USA

Renee F. Hill, USA

Melissa Johnston, USA

Carol Collier Kuhlthau, USA

Sue Kimmel, USA

Marcia Mardis, USA

Dianne Oberg, Canada

Patricia Montiel Overall, USA

Lucy Santos Green, USA

Ruth V. Small, USA

Ross J. Todd, USA

Researchers in School Librarianship

This list compiled by Jennifer Branch-Mueller, University of Alberta, 2018.

Spotlight on 

Marcia A. Mardis,


Dr. Mardis is an extensive researcher and prolific author in the field of teacher-librarianship. She is also a respected professor, teaching about collection development, curation, youth and school library media, research methods, project management, and grant writing (College of Communication & Information, n.d.)

Marcia Mardis - Profile of a Researcher in School Librarianship

Shannon Thiessen Burton, 2018


Marcia Mardis. Image retrieved from 

For a full profile of Dr. Mardis, click in the PDF link above. Below are a few extracts:

Dr. Mardis is passionate about the growth and effective dissemination of information. On her website, Dr. Mardis reveals that she had a stroke which paralysed her left side for about six weeks and she was diagnosed with MS, but she sensed this was not right. She spent almost a year focused solely on finding the correct diagnosis. When she was finally treated for Lyme Disease, she dramatically improved. This convinced her that “Information is power. I am living proof. My aim is to convince others” (Mardis, January 25, 2018, para. 3). 


Dr. Mardis’ curriculum vitae is long and distinguished. It contains an impressive list of honors and awards, teaching involvements from courses taught to doctoral committees to curriculum development, publications in journals (refereed and non-refereed), book chapters and entire books, invited presentations, papers and keynote addresses at conferences and symposia, her service at universities and in professional organisations, and contracts and grants given (Mardis, September 20, 2018). She has been instrumental in projects with grants totalling of $17 million, and has lead back-to-back projects funded by the National Science Foundation since 1999 (College of Communication & Information, n.d., para. 5).


One section of particular note is her direct involvement with the website development and particularly the Web2MARC software in the Digital Libraries to School Libraries project (Mardis, McLaughlin, & Gingel, 2012). It is an online tool that aims to help school librarians find, curate and encourage the use of digital library open content to enrich resources and support instruction, especially by creating records for online sites that can be incorporated into a library’s OPAC (Mardis, McLaughlin, & Gingel, 2012). 


Some of Dr. Mardis' books: 

Images from:

Amazon. (n.d.). 8 results for books: "Marcia Mardis". Retrieved from


For more about Dr. Mardis:


Visit to her website, The Marcia Project (click on the image below) or see her profile on ResearchGate (click on the image below).



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